Sincere Man

3 min readSep 26, 2023

He was warm, as warm as a hot chocolate in a freezing winter.

Photo by Charles Postiaux on Unsplash

If I have the chance to totally say about this person, I would say that he is persistent in what he is doing. He knows what he does and what kind of results he wants. Eventhough it must take longer, he will do it deliberately with passion.

He is so logic, loving, caring, and overwhelming. He isn’t reluctant to sacrifice a little or a lot for people he loves. I personally admire the way he can fall in love so freely without fear to loss. He gives everything, time and soul. and when he speaks, he speaks about sincerity and hate all kind of lies.

He is the rarest man I’ve ever met. The man who prefers bitter truth than white lies, the man who believes in humanity, justice, and gender equality. Someone who said that love wins, love’s never wrong. and if you want to do something, do it responsibly.

He is a man who prefers to be alone because he doesn’t like drama. Although he once said that he didn’t feel lonely, but I believe that he once felt so lonely.

When the first time we met, I remember we talked about the truth. It was so good to talk to him, I can talk literally about everything. He knows a lot. I think that his way of thinking was so peculiar that’s not everyone can reach up to his level, he answered, “I am always open to discuss. But what people and I should always comprehend is the idea that whatever opinions we made, we must believe that there always be different point of views, different perspectives, and how selfish and ignorant we could be becoming if we simply believe that our opinion is the only sole truth.”

He would ask me about those basic yet mind-provoking kind of questions, which led me to see, think, and understand things way more profoundly than before. I like it when he asked me about “iman” , he added, Iman is the foundation of how you see things, it defines how you react to certain things in life, it shapes who you are. And he always told me that “there are so many positive things to do.”

It’s always exciting talking about him. Like a labyrinth, I had to walk down every aisle to find more clues to where he was taking me.

He was like the cold weather in a pouring down rain, like the smell of earth when the sands are wet. He was warm, as warm as a hot chocolate in a freezing winter. His smile though, so irresistibly, and as always, will wrap you close in a way you can forget all your tough days.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my words. It means the world to me. My heartfelt wish is that those who read it find joy and happiness in every line.